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<br /> <br /> <br /> Ci ty Council I nformati on P acket <br /> <br />March 18, 2021 <br />IP1.Council Tentative Meeting S chedule <br />March 23 Work Session <br />IP2.Work S ession A genda <br />IP3.Memo from C ity Manager: O verview of O I R , P reliminary P lan and C P R B <br />Recommendations <br />Miscellaneous <br />IP4.Memo from Historic P reservation C ommission C hair and Historic Preservation <br />P lanner: Historic P reservation C ommission A nnual Planning S ession R eport and <br />Work P lan for C alendar Year 2021 <br />IP5.Civil Service Examination: Maintenance Worker I - Pools <br />IP6.Civil Service Examination: P arking E nf orcement A ttendant <br />IP7.B ar C heck R eport: February 2021 <br />Draft Minutes <br />IP8.B oard of A djustment: March 10 <br />IP9.Human R ights C ommission: F ebruary 23 <br />IP10.P ark & Recreation Commission: March 10 <br />IP11.P lanning & Z oning Commission: F ebruary 18 <br />March 18, 2021 City of Iowa City Page 1