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IOWA CIT1r <br />GATEWAY <br />Iowa City Gateway Project <br />Design Stage <br />Pre -Des iqn <br />Concept Development (D00) <br />Preliminary Design (D01) <br />Easement and Property <br />Acquisition <br />Field Exam Plans (D02) <br />Preliminary Plans (D05) <br />Check Plans <br />Final Plans <br />Public Input Opportunities <br />IOWA CITY GATEWAY <br />FINAL DESIGN SCHEDULE <br />January 22, 2014 <br />IConceDtuaI & PreliminarvDesian (ADD roximate Iv4 mo nths) I. <br />Week of: IJa IJa IF3bIFeb <br />IFtbI 2eb 4 IM3rIMarIMar <br />IMarIMarIA10 17 24 31 prIApr <br />I AprI AprIMSyIMay 2 IMay <br />IM26 <br />a <br />Activitiy <br />Council Decision on 3 Design Parameters <br />Conceptual Design (10%) <br />Bridge concept <br />Roadway concept <br />Landscape concept <br />Public Pre -design meeting <br />City Council work session, Roadway Design Issues <br />Submit Concept Statement to Iowa DOT <br />Preliminary Design (20%) <br />Preliminary roadway and bridge <br />Water/Sewer/Utility coordination <br />Landscape plans <br />City Council work session, Aesthetics and Landscapi <br />ng <br />Council Resolution authorizing Property Acquisition <br />Property Appraisals and Negotiation <br />Field Exam Design Plans (35% plans) <br />Field exam plans for roadway, bridge, etc., <br />On-site review <br />Value engineering <br />Preliminary Design Plans (70% plans) <br />Revised design plans for roadway, bridge, etc., <br />Lighting, signal, pavement marking and signing plan <br />s <br />Check Plans (100% plans) <br />Final design for roadway, bridge, etc <br />Final Plans and specifications for letting <br />Public Hearing and City Council Approval of Final P <br />lans <br />and Specifications <br />Iowa DOT Letting Process <br />City Cou ncil Resolution /Award of Project <br />Interaction with property owners adjacent to the pr <br />oject <br />and other interested parties will be ongoing as nee <br />ded <br />throughout the design process. The web site and em <br />ail <br />updates will be used when there is new information <br />to <br />share with interested parties. Communication by ph <br />one, <br />email or meetings is welcomed by staff at anytime <br />during <br />the project. <br />Timeframe <br />Final Design (8-12 month <br />Jun -14 I Jul -14 Aug -14 <br />Letting Process <br />14 ct-14 OV -14 c-14 J -15 1 Feb-15MAr -15 1 Apr -15 I May -15 I Jun -15 <br />Denotes Public Meetings for attendance by any inter ested party <br />Denotes City Council work session or formal meeting <br />