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RATE CARD <br />BIG TEN TAXI CAB <br />(319)471-3533 <br />Open 24 Hours <br />Entry Fee <br />Qn 5 <br />Each Additional 1/12 of a Mile .2 <br />0 <br />Fee For Each Additional Passer 0.25 <br />Passe <br />_Waiting Time Per Hour 4.00 <br />_Clean Up Fees 0 00 <br />$100.00 <br />Destination Rates: <br />Iowa City To Cedar Rapids Airport $50 00 <br />Iowa City to Riverside Casino $30 00 <br />Payment is needed up front before leaving town. <br />If the meter is not working this vehicle cannot operate. <br />Receipt for fare available upon request. <br />Complaints regarding this taxicab's compliances with applicable regulations may be directed to <br />the Iowa City Police Department on the form available at the Department located at 410 E. <br />Washington Street, Iowa City, Iowa 52245 I L E` U <br />(319)356-5275 <br />APR 19 7019 <br />City Clerk <br />Iowa City, Iowa <br />